204 Carnation Ave.

Metairie, La 70001

La nostra storia di famiglia! - Our family history!

​The secret of excellent Italian cooking is in the seasoning! The right combinations of spices and herbs are essential in the creating of fine Italian dishes. These spices and herbs were the secret to Mama’s cooking. So Mama combined herbs and spices and generations of Italian heritage into one of the most exciting seasoning ever! Use for all your cooking needs. No other spices or seasonings are necessary. Mama Pizzolato's also comes without salt. Sprinkle on a tossed salad, add to home made or canned soups! You can sprinkle onto roast beef, or add a teaspoon to gumbo or chili. The possibilities are endless! It “Makes all your cooking taste like Mama’s.” Mama Pizzolato is an organic blend of all natural spices. NO MSG OR PRESERVATIVES ADDED! For use in: soups, salads, chicken, pasta, seafood, and more!

To this day the Pizzolato's carry on the tradition of blending Mama Pizzolato's Italian Seasoning. Our seasoning is present at every family event, gathering, and dinner. We can't get enough of the stuff! You would think after all these years we would be tired of it....no way! We hope to spread the love from our family table to yours. 

Thank you,

With love, The Pizzolato Family